IFIA Evaluation & Scoring Department

IFIA Evaluation & Scoring Department 



Department Manager


IFIA evaluation and the scoring department are developed based on a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) providing easy access to country-specific inventions and innovations information emanating from international IFIA members' activities and achievements including: 


- organization of  international  invention exhibition under IFIA's patronage 

- promoting and disseminating the culture of invention and innovation 

- participation in IFIA’s international events 

- contribution to IFIA’s international projects 



This tool aims at raising awareness of the culture of invention and innovation originating from these mechanisms and at assisting States, national institutions, civil society organizations, and IFIA partners with their implementation. The Index allows the user to find out about the global activities in the field of invention and innovation and to see how they have evolved over the past years.


The unique feature of the Index is to enable the user to access and search UPR recommendations and the position of the State under Review.


IFIA members are invited to fill the forms and send them to info@ifia.com or contact@ofeed.ma


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