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Established BY IFIA on 2016.

One of the primary objectives of the IFIA is to improve the situation of inventors and extend the knowledge of independent inventors around the world. So far, a large proportion of IFIA activities have been oriented toward the achievement of this mission.

IFIA Academy Training

One of the primary objectives of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations is to improve the situation of inventors and extend the knowledge of independent inventors around the world. So far, a large proportion of IFIA activities have been oriented toward the achievement of this mission.
Education and training are the most prominent activities to expand innovative thinking and broaden understanding on invention and innovation using the available potentials of IFIA. Education can fulfill and enhance the fundamental requirements of adolescents and adults willing to develop creativity, innovation and invention.  During recent years, the possibility of providing web-based training services to IFIA members and global inventors has been investigated and the new opportunity is opened up to contribute to the equal expansion and acquisition of innovative knowledge by benefiting from the information shared in the learning system. The platform is going to be launched in near future.


One of the main activities of IFIA, in order to further promote the culture of invention and innovation, is to organize IFIA International Workshops worldwide to raise awareness about Intellectual Property Rights. IP constitutes a wide range of rights including copyright, patent, trademark, industrial design, and geographical indication, the protection of them is vital for the creator.

IFIA undertakes it as an obligation to train the individual inventors about the necessity of International Patent Protection and other related issues in order to ensure the protection of the Inventor’s rights and avoid any kind of violation.

Relying on the lasting cooperation between IFIA and WIPO, IFIA holds some joint PCT workshops in order to acquaint the inventors with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) alongside IFIA International Invention Exhibitions. The inventors are made aware that how obtaining patent provides its owner with the “exclusive right” and enables the patent owner to recoup development costs and obtain a return of investment in the development of the patented technology.

As technology and markets tend to be increasingly global in nature, the availability of international patent protection takes on greater importance to the inventors and owners of intellectual property. In such a climate, IFIA is making serious attempts to raise awareness about the International Patent Protection since there is a remarkable growth rate of PCT as an important tool in such filings over the last decades.

How it works?

The training portal of IFIA has a technical infrastructure titled “LMS” where the applicants refer to the address and fill in the form to gain access to one of the three different levels already determined. In this system, several relevant training courses are defined to be selected and seen by users.

The training courses are already designed and developed and the users are expected to study the materials provided in the training sessions and pass the quizzes as scheduled in the calendar. After successfully passing the quizzes, they will be able to receive the certificate of participation.

A number of online training classes are also organized at certain times by the experienced mentors and every person from every part of the world can attend and benefit from it.

The advantages of IFIA Electronic Training

  1. Offering training services without time and place limitation
  2. Training a large number of inventors and members around the world
  3. Increasing efficiency and reducing the costs
  4. Benefiting from the training potentials of different countries in the same system
  5. Offering training on the responsibilities of national and newly established inventor’s associations
  6. Creating a database with rich materials on innovation and invention exchangeable by the users
  7. Realizing one of the main missions of IFIA by training to support and extend the knowledge of independent inventors

Who is the target group?

This training system is developed for three groups of people:

  1. The public: the people who are interested in such fields as creativity, innovation, and invention can enjoy the general courses developed mainly to disseminate the culture of innovation.
  2. Independent inventors: the independent inventors making attempts to develop their ideas into invention can benefit from the training courses of this system.
  3. IFIA delegates: the courses are specially designed to familiarize the new delegates with IFIA and its activities and to train them in various areas of activity including commercialization, international patent protection, membership, managing the non-governmental organizations, income gaining and …
Meet the team
The team behind IFIA Academy

Meet our talented and passionate team dedicated creating positive impact in our academy and beyond

IFIA’s Academy official certificate

IFIA Academy unit will issue an official certificate to all participants who succeed in passing the courses.

To verify the IFIA Academy certificate, type the verification number of certificate in below box:


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