Middle East Inventors


IFIA Middle East Network is a working group of IFIA under the direct authority of the President consisting of IFIA members to foster innovation at middle east level.

The main function of this network is to disseminate the culture of invention and innovation among IFIA member states from Arab countries including Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.


This network provides a great opportunity for the Middle East inventors to tap into available expertise, resources and innovation, make a communication network, and share innovative knowledge. The following objectives are expected to be fulfilled

1.  Facilitate communication between IFIA and governments in the Middle East region.
2.  Organize an annual meeting for IFIA’s members in the countries covered by the office.
3.  Encourage and assist IFIA’s members to organize and establish scientific exhibitions.
4.  Commercialize scientific research in the Middle East region.

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