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IFIA members who make up the primary body of IFIA are classified into three categories of Full, Corresponding and Collaborating according to their voting status, date of establishment and kind of activities.
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IFIA Membership benefits
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IFIA Membership benefits

The Membership benefits that you enjoy as a member depending on your membership status.

As an Inventor Association, you will take advantage of the services below:

  • Increased visibility of member organization by displaying the member’s logo and contact details on IFIA’s website and database
  • Increased outreach, recognition, and international interaction with IFIA wide network of member states
  • special offers for participation in IFIA international invention exhibitions including free accommodation, booth, and local transfer
  • the opportunity to connect with key international players from business, academy, and institutions
  • the opportunity to exchange innovative knowledge in IFIA congresses, conferences, and forums
  • the opportunity to participate in innovation processes, policymaking, advocacy, and representation
  • Promotion of the association activities via IFIA professional publication
  • Contribution to the commercialization of inventions through different platforms
  • Organization of training workshops on IP with the collaboration of WIPO
IFIA International Order of Merit of the Inventors
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As an Event Organizer, IFIA provides you the following services:

  • Insert the event in IFIA’s Calendar
  • Insert the event banner in IFIA’s Event Schedule
  • Insert the event banner on IFIA’s Homepage
  • Create a special page for the event in IFIA’s Website
  • Insert the event video in IFIA Channel
  • Disseminate the event via IFIA’s Newsletter
  • Promote the event in IFIA’s Social Media
  • Publish the event poster in IFIA’s Magazine
  • Publish the event report in IFIA News
  • Disseminate the event report via IFIA Newsletter
  • Publish a full-page report of the event in IFIA Magazine
  • Grant the permission to use the IFIA’s logo in all promotional materials
  • Organize training workshops alongside the event
  • Award IFIA’s Medal and Certificate to the best inventions
  • Award IFIA Memorial Medal and Certificate to the governmental sponsors
  • Award IFIA Medal and certificate to the individual sponsors
  • Insert the data of IFIA Medal Recipients in IFIA’s website
  • Involve the government in the organization of related events
  • Correspondence with the national Intellectual Property Offices for cooperation