IFIA Membership benefits

The Membership benefits that you enjoy as a member depend on your membership status.


As an Inventor Association, you will take advantage of the services below:


  • Increased visibility of member organization by displaying the member’s logo and contact details on IFIA’s website and database
  • Increased outreach, recognition, and international interaction with IFIA wide network of member states
  • special offers for participation in IFIA international invention exhibitions including free accommodation, booth and local transfer
  • the opportunity to connect with key international players from business, academy, and institutions
  • the opportunity to exchange innovative knowledge in IFIA congresses, conferences and forums
  • the opportunity to participate in innovation processes, policy making, advocacy, and representation
  • Promotion of the association activities via IFIA professional publication
  • Contribution to the commercialization of inventions through different platforms
  • Organization of training workshops on IP with the collaboration of WIPO


As an Event Organizer, IFIA provides you the following services:


  • Insert the event in IFIA’s Calendar
  • Insert the event banner in IFIA’s Event Schedule
  • Insert the event banner on IFIA’s Homepage
  • Create a special page for the event in IFIA’s Website
  • Insert the event video in IFIA Channel
  • Disseminate the event via IFIA’s Newsletter
  • Promote the event in IFIA’s Social Media
  • Publish the event poster in IFIA’s Magazine
  • Publish the event report in IFIA News
  • Disseminate the event report via IFIA Newsletter
  • Publish a full-page report of event in IFIA Magazine
  • Grant the permission to use the IFIA’s logo in all promotional materials
  • Organize training workshops alongside the event
  • Award IFIA’s Medal and Certificate to the best inventions
  • Award IFIA Memorial Medal and Certificate to the governmental sponsors
  • Award IFIA Medal and certificate to the individual sponsors
  • Insert the data of IFIA Medal Recipients in IFIA’s website
  • Involve the government in the organization of related events
  • Correspondence with the national Intellectual Property Offices for cooperation

IFIA benefits and services