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IFIA Latin America Network

IFIA Latin America Network works under the direct authority of the President and the control of the Executive Committee (ExCo) to implement the policies decided by IFIA General Assembly and Executive Committee.

The main objective of the Latin America network is to contribute to the promotion of the invention in Latin America by creating a great system of communication between IFIA member associations in different countries of the Latin America Continent, including Brazil,

The main functions of the Network are to develop relations between member associations, establish and maintain regular and useful contacts with American Latin patent offices and develop ties with the Latin America innovation authorities.

Latin America Network Board of Experts

President of ABIPIR


Dr. Marcelo Vivacqua

Director of IFIA Latin America Office


Mariangela Lückmann

Latin America Office

The IFIA Latin America Office was opened in 2015 to support inventors in South America and allow them to interconnect with other countries to establish relationships of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, including Positive Impact, in scientific, and technological scope and business.

Rua Padre Montoya, 490 – 2nd Floor / Room 10 – Center for Integrated Development (CID) – CEP: 85.851-080 – Bairro Centro – Foz do Iguaçu – Paraná – Brazil.

Contact person: Mariangela Lückmann

(Director of Education/Events at ABIPIR)

Phone: 55 45 99121-7411

E-mail: mariangela.abipir.ifia@gmail.com

E-mail: mariangela.abipir.agil@gmail.com



1. This is a working group of IFIA. It consists of American Latin IFIA members who declare their participation in the IFIA LATIN AMERICA INVENTOR NETWORK (Network).

2. The Network means that it is part of IFIA, under the direct authority of the President, and the control of the Executive Committee (ExCo).

3. The Network will, therefore:

a)  implement activities decided by the General Assembly (GA) or the ExCo.

b) act under the general or specific instructions of the President.

c) suggest new activities to the President.

d) report directly to the President.


4. The geographic sphere of competence of the Network will be the Latin America continent.

Functions and Activities

5. The main parts of the Network will be to:

a) Develop relations between member associations.

b) Establish and maintain useful and regular contacts with Latin American patent offices.

c) Establish and maintain relations with the Latin American innovation authorities.


6. No additional fees from its members,

7. The expenses of the Network will be paid from the IFIA Budget and the Network members.


8. The Network must remain a neutral body, as is the IFIA of which it is part. This means that the Department will:

a) not advance the cause of any specific country or group of countries,

b) implement the policies decided by IFIA GA or ExCo.


9. The Network members elect the Main Coordinator who organizes the work and represents the members and Coordinators to assist him.

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