The following IFIA Member’s obligations should be fulfilled: 

1. Participation in IFIA events

The members are required to take part in IFIA officially recognized events, the list of which you can see in the link below, at least once a year and showcase the achievements of the national inventors in order to contribute to the recognition of inventors internationally:

2. Participation in IFIA General Assembly meetings

This meeting is held biennially in one of the IFIA member states. The members will be informed of the date and venue of the meeting between 3-1 months prior to the event. The attendance of Full Members is obligatory, in case they are not able to attend at no possible way, they are supposed to send a proxy letter authorizing another member to vote on their behalf. Not participating in two consecutive General Assembly meetings will lead to the suspension of the full membership.

3. Submission of the annual report to IFIA

All of the members are required to keep IFIA Secretariat informed of all the activities they perform annually to raise awareness about the invention and innovation. In December of each year, the members are expected to send an annual activity report including a report on:

  • the leadership and members of the association
  • organized national or international events such as educational workshops, exhibitions, seminars, conferences or congresses and etc.
  • the inventions which are developed, patented, prototype or commercialized through the associations’ assistance
  • participation in IFIA events

4. Payment of the annual membership fee

According to IFIA Statutes, the members are obliged to pay their membership fee in January of each year. The membership fee varies according to the status of the country raging from underdeveloped, developing and developed ones.

In case any of the Full Members does not act based on the above-mentioned criteria, the presidency presents a report of their lack of commitment to the Executive Committee, their membership will be suspended and their membership status will be decided in the next General Assembly meeting.