IFIA members who make up the primary body of IFIA are classified into three categories of Full, Corresponding and Collaborating according to their voting status, date of establishment and kind of activities.
IFIA Membership benefits
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IFIA Membership Procedure


To start the membership procedure, the applicant is required to submit a membership request letter addressed to IFIA President, Mr. Alireza Rastegar, and duly fill out the membership request form (in word format) and send both with all request documents to Miss.katherine brown or Miss.Caroline Simonet via info[at]ifia.com, IFIA International Affairs & Public Relations department.Following a sample of the membership request letter and the form is provided for your convenience.

Afterward, your request will be examined in the IFIA Executive Committee meeting and you will be informed about the final result. The type of membership is determined by IFIA Executive Committee members.

Membership in IFIA is categorized into three different classes of Full, Corresponding, and Collaborating members. You can find a detailed description of each one in the related categories. Only one full member can be admitted from each country. However, there is no limitation upon the admission of members for other categories.


What documents should the applicant have?

  • National Registration Certificate of the Institute
  • Approval of activity from one of the government agencies
  • Activity report for the past two years
  • Latest financial report
  • Statute of the Institute (in English)
  • Full information of the President of the Institute along with her/him's photo
  • Full physical mailing address with the contact number
  • Having an official website and official corporate email


Who can join?

  • National Inventor/ Innovator Associations/ institutions/ societies
  • Women Inventor/ Innovator Associations / institutions/ societies
  • Young Inventor/ Innovator Associations/ institutions/ societies
  • Associations of scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs
  • Corporations and companies
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Governmental agencies which promote inventive activity
  • Innovation centers and research centers
  • Start-ups
  • Science parks
  • Universities / Colleges / Schools acting in the area of invention and innovation
  • Research and innovation laboratories
  • National/international invention exhibitions, fairs, festivals
  • And any other entity performing activities in the field of invention and innovation


How much is the IFIA membership fee annually?

Regarding the membership fee, it is categorized according to the status of the countries, which mean:

500-1000 USD for small associations and underdeveloped countries.

1000-2000 USD for medium associations developing countries.

2000-5000 USD for large associations developed countries.



IFIA Membership Request Letter                IFIA Membership Request Form

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Guide on Associations of Inventors


This Guide on Associations of Inventors has been prepared by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in cooperation with the International Federation of Inventors' Associations ( IFIA), whose contribution has been very useful and is much appreciated. 



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