MIT Solve

IFIA is proud to announce that the MIT Solve, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with the aim of globalizing innovative challenges, provides a great opportunity for inventors and innovators to fo find an answer to global challenges. And to achieve that, IFIA, aiming for its organizational mission, is now among 120 of the most successful organizations in the world.

These days, the word "solve" does not always mean as a verb for "solution." Sometimes it means a mixture of multiple votes with unique experiences.

IFIA's records throughout all these years show that the federation has always strived to be active and effective in projects and groups related to innovation at the highest international levels, and this time, IFIA has been gathered alongside with more than 120+ the MIT Solve members major scientific and industrial organizations, such as Oxford Sciences Innovation, Microsoft, Nike, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, General Motors, HP, Cisco, BMW Foundation, Uber, Save the Children, etc are all committed to a serious and fruitful partnership with all its members. On MIT's SOLVE platform, IFIA seeks to manage innovative international solutions to address fundamental human and global problems.

SOLVE's 2020 Global Challenges which is rewarded with over $1.7 million in funding, and the solutions have to be applied by June 18 are as followed:



MIT Solve challenges

MIT Solve Course

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