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About IFIA Research Innovation Team - RIT

The IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department comprises groups of individuals who collaborate to generate, develop, and commercialize novel ideas and products. The IFIA RIT Department typically consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise who work together to identify opportunities and devise creative solutions. Innovative teams are commonly found in organizations that prioritize creativity and innovation, playing a pivotal role in propelling growth and enhancing competitiveness.
The ambitious plans of the IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department frequently revolve around recognizing new market opportunities and creating groundbreaking products or services that cater to unmet needs or challenges. These plans may also encompass enhancing existing products or processes, streamlining workflows, and exploring fresh business models. The primary objective of the IFIA RIT Department is to transition from idea generation to successful commercialization. This journey necessitates a comprehensive understanding of market requirements, customer preferences, and the competitive landscape.
Furthermore, they must establish a clear strategy for bringing their ideas to the market, including securing funding, safeguarding intellectual property, and cultivating a robust network of partners and collaborators. Ultimately, the triumph of an innovative team hinges on its capacity to execute its ideas and introduce them to the market in a manner that fulfills customer needs and delivers value to stakeholders.

RIT Registration in Switzerland IPI office

The Trademark Of This Title Has Been Officially Registered By The Federation In The Swiss IPI Office:

Registration Number: 809392



Who we are

The IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department functions as a dynamic research and innovation hub, with the primary objective of uniting exceptional intellect and inventive concepts from both Iran and global spheres. Our aim is to devise pioneering solutions that cater to diverse industries. We firmly believe that innovation holds the solution to some of the most significant global challenges, and our dedication lies in bolstering individuals and collectives who share this visionary standpoint.
The IFIA RIT Department is meticulously structured to extend a comprehensive array of services tailored to assist inventors and proprietors of ideas in transforming their visions into reality. Our offerings span the entire spectrum, commencing from ideation and conceptualization, progressing through product realization and culminating in marketing endeavors. Throughout the innovation expedition, we provide an extensive suite of services, backed by a team of adept professionals hailing from various domains such as engineering, marketing, branding, and more. Collaboratively, we endeavor to equip our clients with the indispensable expertise and counsel required to translate their ideas into triumphant products.
At the core of our foundation lies an unwavering dedication to collaboration and partnership. We hold the conviction that the most remarkable concepts germinate from a diverse blend of outlooks and backgrounds. As such, we strive to nurture an environment where innovation can flourish unhindered. Whether you are a solo inventor or an integral part of a larger collective, we extend an open invitation to join our community of visionaries, thereby exploring the boundless potential of our collective capabilities.
In addition to our pursuits, the IFIA RIT Department takes immense pride in championing social responsibility and environmental consciousness. We firmly advocate that innovation should not extract a toll on our planet or its inhabitants. To that end, we are resolute in ensuring that our solutions resonate with the principles of sustainability and ethics. Furthermore, we labor to create avenues for marginalized communities, actively promoting diversity and inclusivity across every facet of our operations.


In summary, the IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department stands as an eminent research and innovation platform, delivering comprehensive services to innovators and proprietors of ingenious concepts. Our foundation is anchored in collaboration, partnership, and a resolute sense of social accountability. We ardently believe that through innovation, we forge a path toward a more promising world for all. We extend a cordial invitation to embark on this mission with us, fostering positive transformation through the power of innovation.

What RIT do


The IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department is driven by an unwavering passion for cultivating ingenious concepts and transforming them into tangible realities. Our team comprises adept professionals encompassing a wide spectrum of competencies, including research, product development, branding, marketing, and commercialization. We ardently advocate harnessing the potency of collaboration to yield inventive and pragmatic solutions that engender a constructive influence on society.
Our cardinal aim revolves around empowering our clientele to materialize their notions into thriving products, facilitated by an extensive array of services. Our process initiates with ideation, wherein we collaborate closely with our clients to incubate and refine their concepts. Subsequently, we embark on the phase of research and development, employing our technical prowess to fashion prototypes and assess the viability of the product. Once the product takes shape, we guide our clients in crafting its brand identity and devising strategies for optimal market penetration. In culmination, we provide assistance in navigating the intricate terrain of product commercialization, adeptly addressing legal and financial dimensions.
Our team is steadfastly committed to excellence and aspires to deliver superlative work that surpasses the expectations of our clients. Remaining attuned to the latest technologies and trends is a cornerstone of our approach, equipping us to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Additionally, our ethos places a premium on sustainability, compelling us to engineer products that resonate with environmental consciousness and social responsibility.
Our suite of services is meticulously customized to cater to the distinct requisites of each client. We operate in close collaboration, ensuring their contentment at every juncture of the journey. Our history is punctuated with triumphant accomplishments, as we have been instrumental in guiding myriad clients toward product launches and commercial triumphs. Our clientele spans a diverse spectrum of industries, encompassing healthcare, agriculture, energy, transportation, education, and environmental sustainability.

Within the precincts of the IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department, our impetus is fueled by an unrelenting zeal for innovation and an unshakeable dedication to our clientele. We firmly believe that our cooperative methodology and technical adeptness empower us to fabricate products that yield positive societal impact. Whether you are an individual harboring a pioneering notion or an enterprise aiming to broaden your product repertoire, we stand prepared to facilitate the realization of your concepts into tangible manifestations.

RIT Vision

Our aspiration is to emerge as a driving force at the forefront of fostering innovation and ingenuity on a global scale. We are resolute in nurturing a culture characterized by perpetual enhancement, where fresh and groundbreaking concepts are conceived, refined, and swiftly brought to market with utmost efficiency. Our ultimate ambition is to engender value not only for our customers and stakeholders but also for society at large. This will be achieved through the inception and realization of inventive products and services. Central to our pursuit is the cultivation of an environment distinguished by collaboration, diversity, and inclusion, affording our exceptionally skilled team members the empowerment to unleash their boundless potential, thereby catalyzing a constructive transformation across the world.
This vision encapsulates the team’s unwavering dedication to innovation, creativity, and expeditiousness. It underscores their paramount focus on delivering value to customers, stakeholders, and society. Furthermore, it accentuates the pivotal role of collaboration, diversity, and inclusion in attaining their aspirations.

RIT Mission

RIT mission is to harness the frontiers of cutting-edge technology, pioneering research, and boundless creativity to give rise to a lineage of innovative and top-tier products and services. These offerings shall be meticulously tailored to cater to the ever-evolving demands of our esteemed customers and stakeholders. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is our cornerstone, an attribute that shall resonate throughout the entire spectrum of our endeavors, spanning from the inception of ideas and their transformation into tangible realities, all the way to the strategic realms of branding, marketing, and the fruition of products.
Furthermore, we are steadfast in our pledge to remain at the vanguard of industry trends and the forefront of emerging technologies. Our focus rests on delivering quantifiable and palpable value to not only our customers and stakeholders but also to the entirety of society. This commitment is cemented through a nexus of collaboration, agility, and an unwavering zeal for innovation.
As we tread this path, our ambition takes form in the establishment of a business that is not only sustainable and profitable but also a fulcrum for catalyzing economic growth. This enterprise shall ripple with a positive impact, acting as an instrument to foster a constructive transformation across the world.


RIT Industries Categories


As the world becomes more conscious of its environmental impact, innovations in this industry could include sustainable materials, waste reduction solutions, and carbon capture and storage technologies.


The media and entertainment industry is focused on creating and distributing content, including music, movies, and television shows. Innovations in this industry could include virtual reality experiences, personalized recommendations, and new distribution channels such as streaming services.


The information technology industry is focused on developing new and innovative software and hardware solutions to meet the needs of individuals and organizations. Innovations in this industry could include artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity solutions.


The sports and fitness industry is focused on promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Innovations in this industry could include wearable fitness technology, virtual coaching and training, and gamification of fitness challenges.


The financial services industry is focused on managing money and providing financial products and services to individuals and businesses. Innovations in this industry could include blockchain technology, robot advisors, and mobile banking solutions.


The construction industry is focused on building and developing infrastructure, including residential and commercial buildings, bridges, and roads. Innovations in this industry could include green building techniques, modular construction, and new materials such as self-healing concrete.


The agriculture industry is essential for providing food and other resources for the world’s population. Innovations in this industry could include new crop varieties, precision agriculture technology, sustainable farming practices, and food safety measures, all of which could help to increase yields and reduce waste.


The healthcare industry is focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness and disease. Innovations in healthcare could include medical devices, diagnostic tools, telemedicine, and electronic health records, all of which could improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.


The energy industry is constantly evolving as the world shifts towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. Innovations in this industry could include renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and hydropower, as well as energy storage solutions and smart grid technology.


The retail industry is focused on selling products to consumers through various channels, including brick-and-mortar stores and online marketplaces. Innovations in this industry could include personalized shopping experiences, augmented reality, and smart inventory management systems.


The hospitality and tourism industry is focused on providing services to travelers, including accommodations, dining, and entertainment. Innovations in this industry could include virtual reality experiences, personalized recommendations, and sustainable tourism practices.


The transportation industry is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve safety, reduce emissions, and enhance the overall passenger experience. Innovations in this industry could include electric and autonomous vehicles, new transportation infrastructure, and intelligent transportation systems.


The manufacturing industry is focused on producing goods and products for consumers and businesses. Innovations in this industry could include new production techniques, 3D printing, and robotics, all of which could increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Ideas around integrating smart technology into homes, such as home automation, energy management, and security systems, and Ideas around promoting sustainable buildings and green real estate, such as LEED-certified buildings, energy-efficient materials, and renewable energy sources.


The education industry is in need of new and innovative products and services to improve student outcomes, increase access to education, and enhance the overall quality of teaching and learning. Innovations in this industry could include new teaching methods, educational technology, and personalized learning solutions.

RIT Services

3D Printing

  • Free Delivery
  • SLS, HP MJF, FDM, SLA, Carbon DLS, PolyJet, DMLS
  • Over 35 Available Materials
  • Prototype & Serial Manufacturing
  • Express Manufacturing within 3 Days

Post Processing Services

  • Finishing Services
  • Coating Services
  • Surface Finishing
  • Materials


At IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department, we offer a comprehensive range of services in the Electronics division to support inventors and innovators in bringing their ideas to life.

Business Plan

A business plan is a written document that outlines a company’s goals and strategies for achieving those goals. It typically includes information about the company’s products or services, target market, marketing and sales strategies, financial projections, and management team. A well-written business plan can be a valuable tool for entrepreneurs and inventors who are seeking funding or partnerships to commercialize their inventions.


Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials into finished products that can be sold or used by consumers. For inventors who are looking to commercialize their inventions, manufacturing is a critical step in the process.

Sales Feasibility

Sales is a critical component of bringing any invention or innovation to market. It involves converting interest and demand into actual purchases of the product. Here are some key steps involved in sales for invention and innovation. 

● Define the Sales Process
Inventors must define the sales process for their product, including the steps that customers will go through to purchase the product. This includes identifying the sales channels, developing sales materials, and defining the pricing and payment options.

● Train Sales Staff
If the product will be sold through a sales team, inventors must train their sales staff to effectively communicate the benefits and features of the product, and to close sales. This involves providing product training, coaching on sales techniques, and monitoring performance.

Monitor and Analyze Sales Data
Inventors must track and analyze sales data to identify trends and areas for improvement. This includes monitoring sales volume, revenue, and customer feedback, and analyzing the data to identify patterns and opportunities for growth.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service
Providing exceptional customer service is critical for building customer loyalty and generating repeat business. This involves being responsive to customer inquiries and concerns, providing timely and accurate information, and resolving any issues that arise.

● Continuously Improve the Sales Process
Sales processes should be reviewed regularly and updated to reflect changes in the market, customer feedback, and other factors. Inventors should be open to feedback and ideas from customers, partners, and employees to continuously improve the sales process and drive growth.

Effective sales are essential for the success of any invention or innovation. By defining the sales process, training sales staff, monitoring and analyzing sales data, offering exceptional customer service, and continuously improving the sales process, inventors can generate sales and drive growth for their products.

CNC Machining Services

  • CNC Milling, Turning, and Drilling
  • Aluminium, Steel, Polymers & More
  • Prototype & Serial Manufacturing
  • Express Manufacturing within 10 Days

High-Volume Manufacturing Services

Reactivity and fast production. Account management, in-house engineering support, and in-house quality control teams working for our customers.

Idea Validation

The evaluation of ideas is the process of assessing the feasibility, potential, and value of an idea to determine whether it is worth pursuing further. This is a critical step in the innovation process, as it helps to filter out ideas that may not be practical or feasible and identify those with the greatest potential for success.


The evaluation of ideas is the process of assessing the feasibility, potential, and value of an idea to determine whether it is worth pursuing further. This is a critical step in the innovation process, as it helps to filter out ideas that may not be practical or feasible and identify those with the greatest potential for success.


Marketing is an essential part of bringing any invention or innovation to market. Effective marketing can help inventors to raise awareness of their product, build a customer base, and ultimately generate sales. Here are some key steps involved in marketing for invention and innovation.

Feedback Processing

The feedback process for an idea, invention, or innovation typically involves several steps, which include:
● Sharing the Idea
The first step is to share the idea with others who can provide feedback. This can include potential customers, partners, industry experts, or colleagues. It is important to provide enough detail about the idea, but also keep it simple enough for others to understand.
● Asking for Feedback
Once the idea has been shared, the next step is to ask for feedback. Questions should be open-ended and designed to elicit honest opinions and ideas. It is important to be receptive to all feedback, even if it is negative, and not to be defensive.
● Recording Feedback
All feedback should be recorded, either in written form or through audio or video recordings. This allows the inventor to review and analyze the feedback later on.
● Analyzing Feedback
The investor should analyze the feedback received and identify common themes and patterns. This can help to identify potential problems or areas for improvement.
● Refining the Idea
Based on the feedback received, the inventor should refine the idea, making changes and improvements as needed. This may involve creating a new prototype or modifying an existing one.
● Sharing the Updated Idea
Once the idea has been refined, it should be shared again with potential customers and partners to gather feedback on the updated version.
● Repeating the Process
The feedback process should be repeated as many times as necessary until the idea is refined and ready for commercialization.
By following these steps, inventors can gather valuable feedback and use it to refine and improve their ideas, inventions, and innovations, ultimately increasing their chances of success in the market.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Sheet Metal Cutting (Laser, Plasma, Waterjet) and Sheet Metal Forming
  • Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Prototype & Serial Manufacturing
  • Express Manufacturing within 10

Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid prototyping is a product development method that uses turnkey manufacturing technologies to quickly produce multiple iterations of a component for testing and evaluation. 3D printing is most often chosen for rapid prototyping because of its affordable price point and its quick turnaround time of 1-3 business days. Other common rapid prototyping processes include CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and rapid injection molding. Speed and affordability are the key principles of rapid prototyping and allow multiple designs of a prototype to be manufactured at once, or one prototype to be revised and produced a few times with diverse designs and materials in a short amount of time. These prototypes provide critical information that helps engineers make design decisions before moving to higher-fidelity models for functional testing and production

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is a legal concept that refers to the rights that are granted to creators and inventors over their creations and inventions. IP protection can take several forms, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. The specific type of IP protection that is appropriate for an idea, industrial design, or invention depends on the nature of the creation and the type of protection required.


A prototype is an early version of a product or invention that is used to test and refine its design. Prototyping is an essential step in the product development process and can help inventors and entrepreneurs to refine their ideas and ensure that their products meet the needs of their target market.


Distribution is an important aspect of bringing any invention or innovation to market. It involves getting the product into the hands of customers through a network of distributors or retailers. Here are some key steps involved in distribution for invention and innovation.

Whatever You Need!

The IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department is composed of groups of individuals who collaborate to generate, develop, and commercialize innovative ideas and products. The IFIA RIT Department includes individuals from various backgrounds and fields of expertise who collaborate to identify opportunities and craft inventive solutions. As a result, our teams are prepared to assist you at any stage along this journey.

Steps Involved in Ordering and Managing a Project

How RIT Brings Your Design into Reality

  • Drawings Received: Our engineers will receive your CAD design paper. For special materials, we are happy to purchase them for you.
  • Feasibility Analysis: Our engineers will evaluate your design with their expertise. Your requirements are the most important factors.
  • Design and Produce: The finalized design features optimized value and production. Competitive price and lead time rely on the design.
  • Assembly and Deliver: We provide more options for additional assembly and logistics than the rest of the competitive pack.

RIT Purpose

At the IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department, our purpose is to unleash the latent potential residing within innovators and idea proprietors. We do so by furnishing a robust platform that encompasses the realms of idea generation, development, branding, and commercialization. This intricate framework stands as a guiding beacon, offering steadfast support and direction to inventors as they traverse the entire arc of the innovation odyssey, starting from the inception of ideas all the way to the grandeur of market introduction.
Our ensemble of experts is endowed with an expansive reservoir of experience spanning research, innovation, branding, and marketing across a diverse spectrum of industries. Collaborating intimately with our clients, we immerse ourselves in comprehending their unique requisites, thereby sculpting our services to effectuate maximum impact.
Embedded within our system is a comprehensive array of tools and resources meticulously crafted to serve innovators at every juncture of the innovation trajectory. From the primordial spark of brainstorming to the tangible form of prototyping and testing, we extend unwavering guidance and support, instrumental in converting nascent ideas into tangible, viable products.
Furthermore, we are adept at steering our clients in constructing a resolute brand identity and propelling their products into the market with utmost efficacy. Our team’s profound mastery in branding and marketing across multifarious industries serves as the bedrock for devising potent marketing strategies that propel our clients toward success.
At the IFIA Research Innovation Teams Department, our overarching objective is to empower innovators and idea proprietors to breathe life into their visions and thereby foster a positive metamorphosis in the world. Our commitment is unwavering: we stand as stalwart allies in our clients’ quest for triumph, resilient in the face of the ever-evolving panorama of innovation.


RIT Offices and Contact Information


International Relations: info@RIThub.org
News and Information: media@RIThub.org
Research and Development: support@RIThub.org
Phone: +41 795 128 665 / WhatsApp Available
Phone: +98 905 213 3600 / WhatsApp Available
Phone: +98 905 213 3700 / WhatsApp Available

Palexpo, CP 112, Route François-Peyrot 30,1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland

No 170, 422 Richards St, BC, V6B 2Z4, Vancouver, Canada

RIT Office ,Business Bay,
Dubai, UAE

No 428, Shariati St, After Malek St.,
Tehran, Iran

RIT Board of Experts

Masoud Shafaghi

Masoud Shafaghi
Founder and Project Manager


Hossein Vaezi Ashtiani

RIT Advisory Boards

Takahisa Karita

Takahisa Karita

Dr. Shadi Shafaghi - RIT

Dr. Shadi Shafaghi

Mi-young Han

Mi-young Han

Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir

Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir

Dr. Davoud Sharifi - RIT

Dr. Davoud Sharifi

Dr. Saleh Mohebi - RIT

Dr. Saleh Mohebi

Shivakiran Makam

Shivakiran Makam

RIT Executive Board


Caroline Simonet
Project Coordinator


Niusha Ansari
Executive Manager


Soheila Roshani
Operations Manager


Mahsa Eskandari
Research and Development Manager


Shervin Zavarei
Marketing Manager


Maedeh Mostaghimi
International Public Relation Manager


Mohammad Hossein Ghafouri Moghaddam
Product Manager

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