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Established BY IFIA on Dec 2022.

IFIA Startups Department
Is an IFIA initiative that aims to help inventors and startups

IFIA's Startups Department

IFIA's Startups Department

IFIA EXCO Members are authorized to establish the IFIA startups department (IFST) for the IFIA member states.

The IFIA’s Startups Department is an IFIA initiative that aims to help Inventors to have the possibility to both, create a Startup from his/her invention or connect with one to create synergy and
improve the chances to sell, license, or be a CEO or partner of a Startup and, in this way, make the journey to take his/her invention to the market easier, to be successful, and make profits.No doubt this initiative will be one of a most innovative and important project in IFIA’s history.

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IFIA Startups Board of Experts


Dr. Marcelo Vivacoa


Mariangela Lückmann


Anand Kannan


Dr.Marcelo Vivacqua
  • Sub-secretary of Innovation of the Government of Espirito Santo State –Brazil, author of the Program of Public Open Innovation StartupES;
  • Mentor of the biggest World Acceleration Startups Program Founder Institute from Silicon Valley
  • Mentor of the biggest Latin America Acceleration Startups Program Innovative
Mr. Anand Kannan
  • Specialized in Packaging design, Post Graduate in Marketing & International Trade & Certified Innovation Management consultant from Erasmus University, Netherlands.
  • Working in the Indian startup ecosystem since 2020.
  • Actively working in collaboration with various stakeholders in the funding, VC, University & Incubators space.

Mrs. Mariangela Lückmann

  • Serial Innovative Entrepreneur with national and international awards in Sustainability. Founder Parimpacto, Cofounder Iguassu Angels (Investor); Member of the Iguassu Valley, Best Consolidated Innovation Ecosystem in Brazil (2022).
  • Active in innovative projects for the production of Positive-Regenerative Impact for 3 decades. Mentor and Leader in the Trinational Region; Member of several networks of Innovation Ecosystems and Investors.
  • Director of Education and Events ABIPIR. Director of the Latin American Office IFIA. Graduated in Administration, Psychology, specialized in People Management and Female Leadership.


Connect the world Startups Ecosystem to create a successful, innovative, impactful, and profitable business making the world a better place to live for all people with the innovative solutions developed by Startups for global challenges.


This Program is an IFIA’s initiative that aims to help Startups to have the possibility to both, create connect with other Startups, Inventors, Companies, and Customers located in the Countries in which IFIA has representatives and establish successful businesses.


• They will have the opportunity to connect with Startups by offering their inventions and have the opportunity to be connected with an established business making easier the process to commercialize the inventions or have access to the investors and the Startups will have an innovative solution to take to the market and finally establishing a win-win relationship.


• They will have the opportunity to connect with Startups from other Countries establishing commercial partnerships as join-ventures to commercialize their solutions and facilitate the internationalization process of opening other business markets.



• Increase Increase the visibility to connect their image to IFIA and the biggest networking of Startups in the world;
• Take advantage of the worldwide networking of IFIA to launch challenges with virtual or physical presentations during events that IFIA supports.


This consists of an open innovation process where the Governments, Companies, or other entities can launch a public call to Startups to solve some challenges and the Startup which will be able to prove the concept and the effectiveness of the solution will get the prize and those who made the challenge will have an innovative and customized solution without spending too much money.

How it will work?



  • How much Sponsors must pay to participate?

To make part of the Program as Sponsors the Companies, Venture capital groups, Governments, and other entities must make contact with the organizers by sending an e-mail to startups@ifia.com and knowing the advantages that IFIA can offer you.

  • How much Startups must pay to participate?

To make part of the Program the Startups will not be charged, they must fulfill the criteria established by the Organization after filling out the online form.

Just scan the QR Code to access it



The IFIA Startups Academy will offer a series of workshops lectures and courses addressed to the following target public:

  • Inventors and Academic Scientists who want to turn their inventions and scientific projects into startups by applying the Genome of Innovation methodology.
  • Startups who want to improve their skills in many areas, such as Business, Leadership, Creativity, Innovation, etc., to achieve better results.




If you still have any questions about how to participate in this amazing and innovative Program as a Startup, to be a sponsor, or organize the IFIA Startup Open Innovation Challenge in your Government, Company, or other entity please make a contact by sending an email to: startups@ifia.com and we will be glad to clarify all that.

Contact Information

Email: Startups@ifia.com and anand@ifialaoindia.org

Mobile: +91  96111 28772

Address: IFIA Startup Office – IBAB, Biotech Park, GN Ramachandran Road, Electronics City Phase 1, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100, India

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