Why IFIA events?

IFIA is the global platform for invention and innovation enthusiasts, inventors, and invention associations. This nonprofit organization aims to disseminate the culture of invention and innovation, support inventors, transfer technology, and establish cooperation with the related organizations. Since its establishment, IFIA has struggled to make the public aware of the importance of inventors for the welfare of society and to protect the inventors' rights.
Besides, IFIA holds international exhibitions, congresses, and conferences where all of the members can freely engage in dialogue and exchange their views with respect to further promoting the inventive and entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, promoting the events on social media allows organizations to expand their contacts and knowledge base to explore possible commercialization with various stakeholders.
During these 50 years, IFIA has done its best to achieve the goals and objectives that have been set for it. It has tried to help the inventors and to present the culture of the invention to everyone around the world.

IFIA organizes international invention exhibitions, scientific seminars, workshops with the cooperation of other international organizations to provide an opportunity for its members to showcase their innovations and to benefit from its wealth of knowledge. By supporting inventors, we help the invention and innovation community. And to achieve that goal, we select and reward the best inventors among many participants in the world with valuable Medal as the best invention and prizes every year.

this approach also will help inventors to expand their inventions. meanwhile, to complete our duty, we work with many government-related organizations, we work on innovation education, and we try to transfer technology to a whole new level.


IFIA Members Activity Report


The 12th IIFME – International Invention Fair of the Middle East – was organized from 16 to 19  February 2020 by Kuwait Science Club under the ...
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