Virtual Hall of Inventions

Virtual Hall of Inventions



IFIA launched on November 15, 1999, a virtual showcase and online exhibition of inventions and new products.called 1000inventions

International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) has developed this online platform titled "Virtual Hall of Inventions" in 2016 for the further support of inventors and the wider visibility of the innovations for the market place.

The platform provides an opportunity for the virtual display of inventions and sharing the stories of invention development with other inventors, investors, businessmen, and manufacturers. A description is provided on how the inventors have come up with the idea and developed it, what challenges they have faced, and how they have marketed the idea along with a short description of the function of inventions, a biography of the inventor and the photo of the invention. The page is linked to the website of the invention so that the prototype can be seen and purchased. This platform actually helps the idea owners to become familiar with the invention development procedure and increase the visibility of the inventions which leads to the commercialization of inventions.

The provided stories will be disseminated via IFIA Professional Publication including the Newsletter and Magazine.


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IFIA is holding the "Innovation Challenge" for the presented inventions and at the end of the year three of the inventions, elected by the International Jury Board, will be awarded IFIA Cash Prize and Best Invention Medal and certificate. Meanwhile, a free booth will be dedicated to the showcasing of the top inventions in one of IFIA International Invention Exhibitions.  



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