IFIA Innovation Standard
Does the innovation have a patent?
Is the innovation ready to be commercialized?
Is the innovation green or eco-friendly?
Is the applicant have an IFIA INV title?
Is innovation more useful than existing ideas or products?
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What is IFIA Innovation Standard "IIS"?

One of the things that many people, companies, startups, and business incubators interested in the invention and innovation ecosystem around the world would like to know is the conditions of a standard innovation and how these ideas are distinguished and differentiated from other ones. Accordingly, the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, IFIA, started its main 2022 project named IFIA Innovation Standard, IIS, to fill the above-mentioned gap.
This standard is based on several principles such as being marketable, officially patented, eco-friendly, having an economic impact, etc. These principles are explained in more detail below. So, having IIS helps ensure interested investors that they’re facing an avant-garde community of innovators worldwide whose ideas have specific traits.


Since one of IFIA’s most valuable roles is arranging a safe platform to promote innovation and innovative inventions, IFIA felt a gap between the investors who want to find extraordinary innovations to work on and the innovations with remarkable potential. Therefore, the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations found a satisfying answer for this. IFIA has started its new main project for 2022 to assure investors, third-party companies, manufactures, and startups that they can invest in the potential marketable innovations. Moreover, the innovators will have credit more valuable than a patent for their creation. Thus, the people interested in the network of the invention, innovation, and venture capital will acknowledge the innovators easily. Now, the federation sets out the new “IFIA Innovation Standard” system, which many different inventors, innovators, companies, and startups can use to help them promote their creations to the global market.

IIS Registration in Switzerland IPI office

The Trademark Of This Title Has Been Officially Registered By The Federation In The Swiss IPI Office:

Registration Number: 784856


How can you obtain the IFIA Innovation Standard?

To get this exceptional certificate, you need to fill out the IIS membership request form and send the form alongside all of the required documents mentioned in the criteria section. Plus, the IIS Jury Board will evaluate all of the applications.

Individual Request Form


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Organization Request Form


IIS Membership Benefits

In other words, by holding this certificate, the innovator, company, or institute would be able to use the following services to promote their idea:

  • The applicant would receive a unique certificate and distinctive profile on IFIA’s website.
  • The approved applicants can have a photo in IFIA’s database, and it will be available through a unique website link. The mentioned photo contains the applicant’s contacts, their portrait, and the application’s prototype.
  • Being distinguished from other innovations by having IFIA Innovation Standard.
  • Easier commercialization; You can enter the market with a more manageable condition. Also, if the application is already in the market, it can have a higher share of the market.
  • They can have public recognition, and a better chance to develop their ideas on a worldwide scale.
  • The investors would know that all the innovations in this community can be profitable.

IIS Classes

All of the applications will be evaluated by the jury board according to the mentioned criteria.

Grade A

If the applicant fulfilled 66 to 100 points, they would receive an IIS grade A

Grade B

If the applicant fulfilled 41 to 65 points, they would receive an IIS grade B

Grade C

If the applicant fulfilled 25 to 40 points, they would receive an IIS grade C

Grade A: If the applicant fulfilled 66 to 100 points, they would receive an IIS grade A
Grade B: If the applicant fulfilled 41 to 65 points, they would receive an IIS grade B
Grade C: If the applicant fulfilled 25 to 40 points, they would receive an IIS grade C

IIS Categories

All of the applications are divided into one of the following categories. Each applicant may have different components, but the difference doesn’t change the criteria for them. In other words, the jury evaluates all of the applications from all of the categories by the same measures.


For this category, the applicant should know that the innovation of the process must be visible. In other words, the process must have a distinctive, innovative essence to get the IFIA Innovation Standard for a procedure. For instance, an innovative product line, or innovative services for customers can submit their applications.


If a structure had innovative characteristics such as innovative materials, features, it could be possible for them to achieve IIS for a building. For instance, take the case of the construction of a manufacturer, education centers, and complexes. If innovation is used in this structure, they can submit and get the IFIA Innovation Standard for a place.


In order to get the IIS for a product, one should know that the submitting product must have many of the mentioned criteria, such as being tangible, having a prototype, being already on the market, etc.


If someone has done significant activities in the invention and innovation ecosystem, they can submit their application and experiences to obtain the IIS for a person.

To put it simply, this means that it doesn’t matter if the applicants are either people, products, processes, or places. So, in order to expand the invention and innovation culture, IFIA decided to add people, processes, and places to products for this important project.

IIS Approval Criteria

Each following item has a range of one to six points, and the jury board will evaluate the applications, and they will decide the final score of each application. Moreover, this list is not in a particular order and can be expected to change over time.

  1. Does the innovation have a national, international patent, EPO or USPTO and PCT?
  2. Does it have a scientific or industrial certification from a related university or an influential industrial center in its region or on an international scale?
  3. Is the applicant an official IFIA member, INV?
  4. Does the applicant have a recommendation letter from national governments, private sectors, or manufacturers of invention and innovation?
  5. Is the innovation green or eco-friendly, preserving natural resources, or is it using recycled resources? To what extent does innovation cause pollution?
  6. Does the innovation have an economic impact, potential for financial progress, or cost-effectiveness?
  7. Is innovation more useful than existing ideas or products? What is its innovative competitive advantage?
  8. Is there a public demand for innovation? The popularity of the innovation will be estimated by the jury. Is the innovation seasonal or can it be used in limited geographical territories?
  9. At what stage of development is innovation? Is it a prototype? Ready for the market? Commercialized? Or already in the market?
  10. Does it have an outlined business plan, business model, or outcome with statistics? Also, has this innovation resulted in entrepreneurship, or will it cause jobs for people?
  11. Has the submitting application participated in IFIA’s recent festivals and exhibitions in the last two years? What international awards has the innovation received?
  12. Does innovation involve high technology? The jury members are required to evaluate the extent of technologies applied in the innovation?
  13. Does the applicant have a recommendation letter from IFIA member offices, IFIA managers, IFIA Transfer Technology offices?
  14. Does the idea have the potential to become an innovation on a worldwide scale? Has the applicant estimated the worldwide markets for their project?
  15. Is the innovation ready to be commercialized, or is there a company already established for it?
  16. Does the innovation project have a vision for sustainable development, safety, saving lives, saving energy?
  17. What scale is the target market? Local, country, continent, or worldwide?

Term and Conditions

  • The applicant must send a YouTube Video link to explain the innovation. Plus, the applicant should attach their curriculum vitae to the submitted documents.
  • After the evaluations, IFIA issues the standard for the innovation.
  • The validity period of this standard is 24 months.
  • An innovation can apply for the standard certificate only once. If the jury did not accept the submission for whatever reason, the innovator must accept it.
  • The evaluation takes two to four weeks, and IFIA will inform the applicant through email.
  • Receiving this standard does not give a green light for production for the invention. In order to produce the invention, it is necessary to operate under the laws of the country of production.

IIS Board of Experts


Masoud Tajbakhsh
Project Manager


Mrs. Caroline Simonet
Project Coordinator


Mahmoodreza Gorji
Project Coordinator

IFIA Innovation Standard Board


Mr. John Calvert


Mr. Zoran Barisic


Prof.Dr. Michal Szota


Mr. David Taji


Dr. Marcelo Vivacqua


Dr. Amin Ghafooripour


Mr. Stephen Key




Dr.Unchalee Sanguanpong


Mr. Lukas Zmeskal


Lastly, IFIA announces IFIA Innovation Standard, IIS, as its main project in 2022 to include more people and potentials in this field and introduce them to invention and innovation. Therefore, IFIA created this title to present an elite community of innovators to investors and create a platform for them to communicate with each other.