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Established BY IFIA on 2021.

IFIA Technology Transfer Brokerage Department
ICCD is a global commercialization brokerage program

IFIA Technology Transfer Brokerage Department

IFIA Members are authorized to establish IFIA Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) in IFIA member states. TTOs work under the supervision and guidance of the Technology Transfer Secretariat (TTS), situated in the IFIA Secretariat, to meet the requirements of the Technology Transfer Center (TTC). TTC branches supervise the activities of TTOs regionally. IFIA may found TTC branches in specialized fields such as electronics, computer, etc which is possible in case the members working in special areas send IFIA Secretariat a request in this regard. If IFIA has several members in one country, then one of the members can be in charge of TTO upon the approval of Executive Committee members, and the remaining members are expected to cooperate with their national TTO.

Innovation Commercialization Connecting Dots "ICCD"

IFIA Commercialization and Sustainability Unit (IFIA – ICCD) aims to unlock the true potential of innovations by supporting Innovation Rockstars and Early Breakthroughs in 4 high-impact areas with no intention of profit. You can apply for IFIA-ICCD Grand Innovation Challenge now.

ICCD is a global commercialization brokerage program that offers your inventions to foreign investors and provides consultancy on all kinds of issues you need while doing this.

The inventions you have created as a result of great efforts have difficulty reaching the global dimension. Thanks to ICCD innovation hunters, each of whom specializes in inventions, R&D, innovation and commercialization ecosystem, your inventions are presented to relevant investors. Thanks to the network created in more than 160 countries on 5 continents, the innovation hunter of each region can examine your inventions and easily match you with the relevant investor of their region. ICCD does not only offer you the opportunity to meet investors.It gives consultancy you on all relevant issues you need, educates and makes you ready for investors. To benefit from the world’s largest commercialization network, you can contact us immediately and increase the chances of your invention being commercialized on a global scale. The World is not big as you think. Join us and discover World Invention and Innovation Commercialization Ecosystem.

IFIA President Message

Since the inception of its activities, IFIA has struggled to disseminate the culture of invention and innovation, and to make the public aware of the importance of inventors for the welfare of society without them it is impossible to keep up with the fast-evolving and modern technologies.  IFIA has done its best to achieve the goals and objectives that have been set for it during these 50 years. It has tried to help the inventors and to present the culture of the invention to everyone around the world. Another goal that IFIA has not ceased to strive for is to contribute to the public welfare and commercialization of inventions that have emerged because of great efforts. In this context, I am pleased to announce that the IFIA Global Technology Transfer Brokerage Department (ICCD) has started its activities. As we all know, commercialization is the general problem of world entrepreneurs & inventors. The commercialization & licensing negotiations, which are carried out in the internal dynamics of each country, enter a vicious circle after a certain period and eventually become blocked. ICCD offers the inventions to world investors and producers through its regional offices, and while doing this, it provides to inventors with one-on-one consultancy on all kinds of intellectual property issues they need.

Thanks to the network created in more than 160 countries, regional office teams can review inventions and match inventors with the relevant investor and manufacturers of their region. ICCD does not only offer to inventors the opportunity to meet investors & producers. It gives consultancy to them on all relevant issues they need, educates, and makes them ready for investors and manufacturers. To benefit from the largest commercialization brokerage network in the world, you can immediately contact the “IFIA Technology Transfer Brokerage Department Secretariat” and I would like to state that Mr. Koray ŞAHİN from Turkey has been appointed as department coordinator. The world is not as big as you think. I recommend you join the ICCD program and explore the World Invention and Innovation Commercialization Ecosystem.


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ICCD Board of Experts

Koray Sahin "Europe Region 1"


Andrei Victor Sandu "Europe Region 2"


Majid El Bouazzoui "Africa Region"


Erricha Insan Pratisi "South Asia Region"


Babak Khodaparast "North America Region"


What ICCD Provides To Entrepreneurs ?


Who Can Apply ?

Entrepreneurs from all stages and sectors with Technology Readiness Levels(TRL) between 1 and 9 can participate in the ICCD program.

  1. Basic principles observed
  2. Technology concept formulated;
  3. Experimental proof of concept;
  4. Technology validated in lab;
  5. Technology validated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies);
  6. Technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies);
  7. System prototype demonstration in operational environment;
  8. System complete and qualified;
  9. Actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies; or in space).

How ICCD Works?


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