Youth Network Board of Experts 

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It has always been proclaimed by IFIA Youth Network that having a modern and technologically advanced society is deeply rooted in equipping the young generation with innovative knowledge, skills, and tools. Young men and women have got the potentiality, creativity, and bravery to make change happen in society, to exert influence in the world, and to come up with innovative solutions toward the existing problems faced by humanity.


The primary focus of IFIA Youth Network activities is to empower young women and men and to create an enabling environment for the youth to drive innovation change relying on the youth network. Through this network, the ingenious youth are provided an outstanding opportunity to get together and take innovative actions.


To this end, IFIA has developed a board of experts convening professional entrepreneurs to offer consultation in their field of specialty. Meanwhile, IFIA annually holds several invention exhibitions for the young inventors to represent their cutting-edge innovations and have a share in the development of their ever-changing society.


Member Obligations


The member associations of the IFIA Youth Network are expected to fulfill the following goals:


- Organize related workshops and seminars at schools or universities

- Offer technical assistance relating to IP

- Raise awareness about IFIA International Exhibitions

- Create a network with IFIA Youth Network member associations

- Share experience and skills with the members

- Organize annual meetings to discuss the developments

- Share the success stories of inventors with the members and IFIA Secretariat

- Organize national or international youth contests, Olympiads, or invention exhibitions

- Award diplomas, medals, and certificates

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