Women Inventors Network


Women Inventors Network, a brainchild of IFIA, was created in September 1994 with the approval of Executive Committee members to empower women. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rosalyn Yalow became an Honorary Member of IFIA-WIN.  Her discovery of “radioimmunoassay” (1956-59), a revolutionary invention, is a powerful tool for the determination of virtually any minute substance of biological interest and is used in thousands of laboratories around the world.

IFIA has some strategies to achieve its objectives. we focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community. Using data-driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference. We use skilled and experienced people to support inventors further and to expand innovation in the world. We will try to get help from important organizations in the world in this way and to cooperate with our partners.




– Encourage inventor associations to develop activities of interest to women inventors;

– Develop cooperation among women inventor associations and promote the creation of similar organizations;

– Highlight and recognize the creative power of women;

– motivate women and girls to participate in the fields of science and technology.


Board of Experts


IFIA holds the conviction that both males and females share equal responsibility and talent to contribute toward technological development and promotion. Women innovative talent needs to be realized by their active engagement in innovative activities.


IFIA has a determined board of experts consisting of specialists in various fields in order to assist the girl and women innovators and inventors to overcome the challenges they face by providing the required consultations on diverse aspects of the invention.


The Minister of Gender Equality and Family of the Republic of Korea, Kang Eun-Hee joined IFIA Women Network as an Honorary Member.







DR. Insil Lee

KWIA President



roya Winfried Sturm Winfried Sturm Winfried Sturm Winfried Sturm
Roya Ghafele Margot Sandy Ana Hafner Elinora Inga S. Vivi Aakjær
Director PD Engineer Patent Lawyer  IIA Founder Inventor & co-founder of DIA
 Kang Eun-Hee  blank    blank    
Kang Eun-Hee Ekaterine Maisuradze   Gihan Farahat    
Korea Minister of Gender Equality UBL President    ECCIPP President    


IFIA Secretariat Activities


IFIA Secretariat plans to implement the following activities to display women creativity and innovative talents:

- Launch “10000 Women Inventors” platform to advertise women innovation

- Organize “International Women Award” and confer IFIA special prize to the finalists

- Publish “IFIA Women Inventors Magazine” to promote women innovative activities

- Disseminate women creativity via IFIA Women Inventors Newsletter

- Organize annual seminars to discuss women inventors challenges and provide solutions


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