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International Inventions and Innovation Show INTARG®

Katowice, Poland Event Centre MCK, Katowice

INTARG® – XVI Invention Expo: Katowice, Poland 24-25 May 2023 International Inventions and Innovation Show INTARG® in Poland is supported by leading Polish and international organizations. The 16th INTARG® 2023 is under the patronage of the Polish Government, the City of Katowice, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA). This support testifies to the quality and importance of this international event. INTARG® is an initiative for promotion of the innovative products, technologies, and services, as well as innovations that already entered the market and commercialization of which has already begun.   More Information: https://www.ifia.com/intarg-2023/