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IFIA Event Schedule depicts the international events including the innovation and new technologies exhibition, new products and invention fair, several related festivals, design expositions and contests the innovations in various fields.
Since IFIA encompasses around 50 events held during one year, an excellent opportunity is offered to the IFIA members to create a valuable network of communication, exchange the innovative knowledge, negotiate the licensing of their inventions and enjoy the programs organized alongside the event including B2B forums, workshops, seminars, and congresses.

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Great Potentials at iENA 2018

Young inventors always play a big role at the iENA. Every year students show an enormously high innovation potential and inspire visitors and representatives of the ...

Until recently, few Moroccan inventors had access to patent experts. As a result, nearly half of the individuals who applied for patents with the Moroccan Office ...
Prof. Dr. Stevo Pendarovski, The President of the Republic of North Macedonia

IFIA Memorial Medal Awarded to The President of the Republic of North Macedonia Prof. Dr. Stevo Pendarovski   Members of the delegation of NAIM (National Association ...


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You can get familiar with IFIA and its activities by watching the following video files prepared by IFIA Office. They show some of the services IFIA offers in the field of invention and innovation as well as the projects for the promotion of Green Inventions and Technology Transfer. 

Meanwhile, the activities of IFIA members including international conferences, symposiums, invention exhibitions and related events are provided in the form of videos.



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