What is IFIA?

IFIA is the global platform for invention and innovation

enthusiasts, inventor associations, invention exhibitions, innovative knowledge and cooperation.

The International Federation of Inventors' Associations website provides information on the broad range of activities undertaken by the association. IFIA aims to disseminate the culture of invention and innovation, improve the status of inventors, promote cooperation among the inventor associations and contribute to the idea development.

IFIA cooperates closely with international organizations of importance in the realisation of its objectives. Established in 1968, IFIA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and recognized as a public utility organization by Republic and Canton of Geneva.


You can get familiar with IFIA and its activities by watching the following video files prepared by IFIA Office. They show some of the services IFIA offers in the field of invention and innovation as well as the projects for the promotion of Green Inventions and Technology Transfer. 

Meanwhile, the activities of IFIA members including the international conferences, symposiums, invention exhibitions and the related events are provided in the form of videos.

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