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Established BY IFIA on 1968.

IFIA Collaborating members


Collaborating members comprise the International Invention Exhibitions that are annually organized under the patronage of IFIA. They do not have the voting right.

Summary of rights:

  • Speak at the General Assembly
  • Upgrading to Full membership when reaching the operational stage
  • IFIA’s services and offers on event registration, etc.
  • Accreditation (IFIA certificate of membership).

Collaborating Members

Collaborating Members

Collaborating Member Responsibilities

Collaborating members are responsible to do the following activities in order to promote IFIA goals:

1. Participation in IFIA events (at least once a year)

2. Participation in General Assembly meetings held twice a year (participation is arbitrary but without voting right)

3. Submission of the annual report to IFIA
i. The number of active members of association
ii. The number of organized national or international events such as educational workshops, exhibitions, seminars, conferences or congresses and etc.
iii. A full report of inventions which are commercialized
iv. Submission of the most updated report about the entity leadership
v. Submission of a report on the participation in IFIA event
4. Payment of the annual membership fee in due time

In case any of the Collaborating Members does not act based on the above-mentioned criteria, the presidency presents a report of their lack of activity to the Executive Committee, their membership will be suspended and their membership status will be decided in the next General Assembly meeting.